Unox reduces percentage of meat in sausages

Unox reduces percentage of meat in sausages

March 14, 2021 Off By tecnb

In the spirit of the National Week Without Meat, smoked sausage and soup producer Unox announced that they will be partly replacing the meat in their sausages with plant-based products. Unox also intends to bring more vegetarian soups to the Dutch market.

The switch comes in an attempt to reduce the amount of saturated fat in their food, as well as the impact that meat consumption has on the environment, the company stated in a press release.

Soon some of the meat in chipolata sausages will be replaced by kidney beans and paprika, for example. In other sausages, such as the smoked sausage and the Frankfurters, the pork will be partly substituted by chicken. Chicken meat is more environmentally friendly and contains less saturated fat, Unox said.

“With these changes, we are helping the consumers to continue enjoying a plate of stew or a bowl of soup with a good conscience”, marketing director Esther van Spronsen said.

The goal is to help the Dutch population reach a 50-50 balance between animal and plant-based protein by 2025. Currently, about 61 percent of the protein in the average Dutch person’s diet comes from animals. “The ratio needs to be reduced back to 50-50. That is better for our health and for the planet.”

Unox’s plans are a part of Unilever’s strategy to increase sales of meat- and dairy substitutes. The group wants to push the sale of their brand De Vegetarische Slager along with providing more vegan options for their mayonnaise brand Hellman’s and the ice cream brands Ben&Jerry’s and Magnum.